Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021

 When we woke up this morning, indecision crept in. I decided to start collecting cameras. I wish I had chosen a different day because the roads where atrocious. I thought I was going to kill myself. Between black ice and a blinding snowstorm, I wasn’t sure I would make it to the area I was headed. On a good day, the ride is about 45 minutes, but today was anything but a good day. 

  The day passed quickly, and when I tallied up the health data on my phone, it told me I had walked 9,6 miles today. I thought I would take it easy today, but it turned into an adventurous scouting day. 

  I always welcome the end of the season, but it also brings great sadness with it. The time of year that I live for passes far too quickly. If I had a choice, I would make every day of the year a day in November. I love November that much. I feel so incredibly lucky that I was introduced to the woods when I was a kid. I find peace and solitude every time I step into the woods. However, this year has been much more difficult to focus due to Mom’s failing health. It’s a thought that never strays far from my mind. If I could give her my life, I would do it in a second 

We are running out of time, and things aren’t looking good, but I know that a season can change in a matter of seconds. I”m hoping that’s the case in the next few days.

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