Sunday, Oct. 23, 2021

There was a light frost again this morning when I headed out. Brian and I decided to head to another area to hunt today. There are just way too many people in the normal areas we usually hunt. I can’t handle being inundated with people and pressure. It’s sad that some individuals don’t even know what they’re doing to places when they’re in them nonstop. You can’t continue pounding the same places and expect the deer to stay there.

Last fall, a few guys began hunting in the area I spend a lot of time. I’ve always had a plan while hunting there and rotate around different places and do nothing but walk in and out. I stay put and don’t move. However, these people wandered all over the place nonstop. I knew something was going on because deer movement became nonexistent. Then, they stopped going in there for about a week, and the deer began filtering back in. It’s the little things that people overlook as to why they don’t find success with any type of regularity. You simply have to know how your presence affects the animals in different areas. That’s why I hunt in so many different spots and very rarely give the same spot more than two days of my pressure.

When I got to where I wanted to go this morning, I felt a great deal of confidence. Something in my gut told me I might get a look at something good. However, as the morning wore on, I realized I wasn’t going to get lucky on this day. After sitting until about 11 and wandering around for a bit, I decided to call it a day when the temperature climbed to about 70 degrees. With minimal deer movement, I did’t want to stir the area up.

None of us saw any deer today, and we didn’t see much sign either. I’m hoping things begin to change, but at this point, I don’t have a great deal of confidence as I look into the coming days. There don’t seem to be many deer in any of the areas I’ve gone up to this point. Maybe after the leaves come off, things will begin to change. I do know that the pressure needs to let up a little bit for anyone to see much. There are just too many other places for deer to go when an abundance of people hunt in the same area. I’m still not sure what possesses people to do that, but I won’t spend anymore time trying to figure it out. There are miles and miles and miles of public land to explore. That’s why I went elsewhere today. It’s not difficult to go to other places.

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