Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022

I scurried around to allow myself a few minutes to get into the woods after work. Although I didn’t have much time, I know it only takes a few seconds for something to happen. I’ve seen it occur enough times over the years to realize no available minute should be wasted when the weather is right. Since it has been in the 70s all week, I figured the deer would be on their feet with the temperature drop.

I made my way to a spot near the road that gave me confidence. I”ve seen a few good deer in this area in the past, and I know things are probably getting ready to pop. I decided to sit on a scrape that gets a lot of activity every year around Halloween. When I got near the scrape, I was disappointed to see that there were still a lot of low-hanging beech leaves on, so it would make it very difficult to find a good place to sit.

When darkness rolled in, I packed my stuff and headed out of the woods. It felt good to be in the woods, and I realized I’m ready. It’s finally go-time. All of my concentration will be centered on hunting for the next month. I’ve found myself lagging this year when it comes to getting ready. I had too many things going on to focus the way I need to focus.

My bow contract ran out at the end of the competitive archery season, and I encountered some stress while trying to figure out where I would land for next year. After I made the deal, it lifted a weight off my shoulders, and I look forward to what the next few years have to offer. I”m happy with the decision I made, and I will be representing Darton Archery. I was given and opportunity to get on board on the ground floor as far as their marketing entry into competitive archery. It’s always good to feel valued, and the owner of the company makes me feel valued.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 20s. I think the deer should move, but you never know. If I were in the Midwest, I know I would have some action tomorrow, but mountain hunting is nothing like the Midwest.

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