Tuesday November 8, 2011

It looks like the deer finally started moving today. Dad and I hunted and area we haven’t hunted in quite a few years. I’m not sure why we haven’t been there, but we haven’t. It’s a place where we used to see a lot of deer and some big ones, too. I actually don’t remember the last time my feet touched the forest floor in that area. It felt good to return there. At 10am I saw a 5-pointer come off a ridge behind me. He diddled around in a scrape for a few minutes before heading up the hill. I put my trail camera on the scrape to see if some other bucks might be using it. Although none of the scrapes look freshened I decided to give it a while just to see. I ended up getting a few pictures, one of which was this same buck.

At 10:30 a deer came down past me through a strip of timber. I couldn’t see it well enough to identify, but I’m pretty sure it was a doe. Dad didn’t see anything this morning. Doug saw 2 does getting chased by 2 bucks. He passed on a really good 8-pt with a bunch of junk on the bases of its antlers.  He thinks he might have made a mistake. This evening he hunted in one of my favorite spots. Shortly after arriving there he passed a nice 10-pointer. Almost anyone would have killed this deer, but he’s looking for a buck larger than anything he has killed in the past. I sent Nick to one of my favorite places this morning. He saw a really good 10-pointer following 2 does. He had the buck at 50 yards but was never presented with a good shot. Tonight, in the same spot, he saw a shooter 8-pointer. All of the deer ended up winding him. It was 77 degrees today.

In the evening dad and I hunted an area that we haven’t hunted in a while. Yes, another one of those places. We saw the van full of Amish guys. They hire a driver to drive them to the place to hunt for the day. They pack all 10 guys in the van with all of their equipment and stands. They use a deer hauler to bring their deer home if they get one. It’s a sight to behold. I really can’t explain it to you unless you witness it for yourself. They killed a really good 8-pointer and a dink 8-pointer. They also wounded a few deer. Every year, between gun and bow hunting they put a hurting on the deer.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It seems like the deer were moving today. Although the pictures aren’t in the right sequence you can see the deer arriving at the scrape, addressing the licking branch and then putting the scent around his eyes on it. This is the best sequence of pictures I’ve seen from one of my trail cams.

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