Wednesday November 9, 2011

It was overcast but still warm today. The temperature was 70 degrees at noon. Nobody saw a deer this morning. I saw a new group of 10 Amish guys today. This was the group that tows the trailer behind the van and hires a driver. They are pounding the woods. I’m not sure if they killed anything.

This evening Doug saw 4 deer and I saw 2 does and 2 fawns. Dad and I received a tip about a piece of public land about 25 minutes from where we normally hunt. We went there to check it out. Heck, we figured we didn’t have anything to lose. We spent the afternoon there scouting. I found what I think is a really good place and dad found a place he’s really excited about. Dad saw 2 guys, but I didn’t see anyone.  This place feels pretty remote. It’s a refreshing feeling to get away from the area we have hunted for the last 10 years. One thing I’ve learned over the year is you can’t be afraid to take chances and look at new places. If you don’t explore you’ll never know if something better exists. You might lose a day here or there, but you might also gain a great new spot. Nick didn’t see anything tonight. He hunted with Doug. The wind is absolutely howling. It’s somewhat scary to be in a tree. I feel very confident for the first time that we will see a good one tomorrow. Doug told Nick tonight that he better watch out because this is the first time dad and I went off together. He said that when that happens they usually start shooting deer……………we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I have a good feeling.

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