Thursday November 10, 2011

It was weird this morning as we had to travel quite a ways from camp. I’m used to driving no more than 10 minutes. We saw a few deer in the fields as we made our way to the new spot we found. In some weird way it gave me a calming sensation.

The morning was relatively calm. When I got out of the stand at 11am I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see a deer. I still felt confident though. Dad had a nice 7-pointer come past him shortly after it got light. Doug and Nick didn’t see any deer today.

The afternoon greeted us with a pounding rain and some snow flurries. It was much different than the last couple of days. At 3:45pm I was trying to hide from the rain that was pelting me in the face when I noticed a nice 8-pointer coming my way. I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to shoot him, but I quickly decided that I would take him. I love the summer sausage and snack sticks that we have made when we kill a deer out here, plus he had a nice rack. As he munched on acorns 20 yards away I drew my bow. He took a quick break, picked his head up and looked the opposite direction. I shot the shot just like I was shooting a 3-d target. I kept the front arm stiff, moved my elbow rearward and waited for the explosion. Within a couple seconds the arrow was on its way. It zipped through the deer like a bolt of lightning through the sky. He bounded away. When he got about 50 yards from me he turned around to see what the noise was and he toppled over.  Although he’s not anywhere near one of my biggest deer he’s still a respectable one. We’re leaving for Kansas tomorrow afternoon so I only had one sit left anyway.

It’s amazing how taking advantage of  little opportunities sometimes brings you bigger and better things. Since the property has been a little crowded this week it felt good to go on an adventure to see if we could find a spot of our own. It’s amazing how some people don’t have enough confidence to find their own spot. I find great satisfaction when I explore different area and find a place where I can kill a big buck. That’s why I never would break the hunter’s code of ethics and return to a place where another hunter brought me. I’m proud of all of the deer I’ve killed because I’ve killed them all in places that I’ve found myself. You can’t ask for more than that.

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