Sunday November 13, 2011

The 13th of November has treated me well in the past. I’ve killed some really good Adirondack bucks on the 13th. I sat in the bowl again this morning. I saw a nice 8 pointer a few hours into my sit. Around 10:30am I had a small double main-beam buck chase a doe past me. A also saw 2 does go across the cornfield at first light. Dad saw many of the same deer out of the stand in the Christmas tree down below me a little ways.

This afternoon I went over to check out the big timber food plot. I saw 2 bucks on my way in. I couldn’t tell how big either of them were. I also saw two 8-pointers, does does and a borderline 10-pointer which never came close enough to offer a shot. I had a problem with my blood when it was time to get out of the tree. It took a few minutes to recover, but everything was ok. Dad sat in the bottom tonight. He saw 2 does, a spikehorn and a nice 8-pointer.

My buddies Doug and Steve connected on a nice, husky Adirondack 4-pointer today back home. Here’s a picture of a nice buck I killed on November 13 in 2002.

A nice buck on the trailcam.

Trailcam 8-pointer

One of the 8-pointers I saw in the evening.

The 8-pointer I passed in the morning.

Another shot of him.


Small 8-pointer


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