Saturday November 19, 2011

Our vacation is fading away quickly now. All I can say is that it has been a wonderful few weeks. It got my mind off my health problems for a few minutes here and there and helped me to relax. Although we haven’t scored in Kansas we have memories, videos and pictures to last a lifetime. It’s truly amazing out here. I enjoyed all of those backbreaking years in the Adirondacks but there’s something about this kind of hunting that any serious hunter should experience at least once.

I sat in the Big Timber this morning. It went dead up there. I didn’t see a deer. It was 70 degrees today with heavy wind. This afternoon I hunted in the bowl. I jumped two deer on the way in and saw a big doe, a spikehorn and a dandy 6-pointer that resembled a mule deer.The temperature plummeted from the time I left the tent to when I got in the tree. I was unprepared and started shivering like crazy by the time it got dark. I was glad to get out of the tree and walk back to camp.

Dad had five deer wind him this morning as it swirled in every direction. It’s pretty hard to hunt in those conditions. He saw 3 bucks cruising the edge of the corn field and bean field shortly after daylight. Tonight he sat in the Grunt Stand and saw what he thought was two shooters and a small buck with seven does.

Who knows maybe we’ll get an opportunity tomorrow morning. You never know.


A nice little buck posing for the camera.

Although they're only spikes it appears to be two main beams.

He definitely has a funky looking rack.

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