Sunday November 20, 2011

Today was chilly. It was 28 degrees this morning and never got above 40 degrees during the day. I sat near the tube. I saw a coyote without a tail. He actually hopped onto a fallen log which went across a small ditch and ran from one end of it to the other. When I told dad and Kevin about it we decided to name him Bobyote for a mixture of a bobcat and coyote. I thought the name was fitting. I’ve never seen a coyote without a tail nor have I ever seen one run down a log. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

This morning dad saw a nice 8-pointer and a spikehorn. The spike bedded in front of him for about an hour. Tonight he sat in the bottom and saw four does, but no bucks followed them. I sat in the north bowl and saw about 50 turkeys in the soybean field behind me. I passed a good 8-pointer at 4:30pm. I thought he was going to be a shooter at first. After that I saw a doe and two fawns. We are going to hunt for three hours in the morning before we begin our trek back across the country. These last two weeks have been incredible. Nothing like spending quality time with my dad who’s my best friend and being in places where you never know what might walk out in front of you. It has been awesome. No matter where you go on vacation though it’s always nice to go home. I miss my friends and family.

The nice 8-pointer I saw.

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