October 9, 2012

  As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written anything about hunting yet and that’s because I haven’t been out hunting yet. With all the issues concerning my shoulder I’ve decided to take it easy until November. I don’t want to risk doing anything that might hinder my progression.

  However, this coming weekend I will be going north to hunt the opening weekend of muzzleloader season. I’m going to hunt with my cousin Kyle. My main purpose of the trip will be to check a few cameras I put out about a month ago. I put one of them next to the big rubs in the post before this one. There seemed to be a lot of sign in there and I’m hoping to catch a few bucks on the move, but in the north country I know I’ll be pretty lucky to get anything on film without a food source.

  I’ll be heading to Illinois  on November 2 to hunt with my friend Bobby for a week. From there I’ll head to Kansas to hunt for  a week. Therefore I won’t get much time to hunt in the Adirodacks this year so my hunting journal will be relatively slow compared to the last couple of years.

  I hope everyone has a great season and feel free to send along any pictures that you might want to share. Good luck and good hunting!


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