October 20, 21

Dad and I hunted with my cousin Kyle and his friend Ben at our camp for the weekend. We covered a lot of ground and found some interesting things. We had a nice, but warm day on Saturday. A front just got done blowing through so the woods were damp and quiet. Sunday morning it rained on and off right until we headed out of the woods for the day. I could feel it in the air on Sunday. The time for the big bucks to start moving is getting closer. I’m getting a lot of does on my cameras so I’d imagine within a week or two I should see some bucks.

Once again another camera I sent back decided not to take pictures. I’ve decided to scrap them from my purchase list in the future. I’ll probably stick with Moultrie cameras since I’ve never had a problem with them. The DLC Covert cameras are the ones I’m having all the problems with. Although they take good pictures they don’t seem to be too terribly dependable which is testing my patience.

I saw one deer Saturday morning but couldn’t identify it. I found a place I’m very confident with, too. Unfortunately I won’t have much time to hunt there, but I do have a camera there now so maybe that will tell me something I need to know. I’ll be headed back up there next weekend to try my luck one last time before I head to the Midwest to hunt big whitetails with a bow. That should be interesting since shooting a bow is rather difficult now, after surgery.

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