Friday October 26, 2012

I’ve come down with a nasty cold this week. I’ve been trying my hardest to beat it but for now it seems to be getting the best of me. My doctor gave me a Z-pack last year for my vacation but I held off and kept it. Therefore I decided to start taking it so I won’t be sick on my vacation next week. When I woke up this morning I could hardly function. I got up, put my clothes on then reluctantly decided I just couldn’t justify going into the woods even though I had the day off. By the time I finally rolled out of bed I still felt a little under the weather so I took it easy most of the day.

In the early afternoon I decided I had to shoot my rifle just to make sure it was on. I put a little extra padding on my shoulder to protect the area where I had surgery. After I pulled the trigger and the bullet hit in the bullseye I realized I should have trusted myself and let the gun remain unfired. It walloped my shoulder and made me go to my knees. I expected it to hurt but I didn’t expect it to thoroughly kick my ass. I learned a valuable lesson.

I decided to go out this evening. Since I didn’t have a lot of time after I finally got going I didn’t walk to far from my truck for the afternoon sit. The woods were quiet and the day was gloomy and gray. It was a good day for deer movement, but I wasn’t lucky enough to see any. It felt good to be out in the woods even with this horrible cold. I’m headed north in the morning. Hopefully I can find a few places where the bucks have started scraping. We shall see……..

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