Monday 11/5/2012

I sat in the same stand this morning as I did yesterday. For some reason I just like it there. It has everything I could ask for as far as funnels and ridge contours. It looks like it should be a gold mine when the bucks are cruising for does.

It poured rain all morning and hung around 40 degrees all day. In the evening I saw about nine deer, including one I named Freak Nasty, although Bobby and his buddy Matt who’s farm we were hunting had already named him Turkey Foot. He’s unique because he has a huge crotch and brow tine then he has a beam projecting backward with another fork. He’s definitely a cool deer but nothing I want to punch a tag on this early in the week. His body looked like a shooter and I had an opportunity to shoot at him at 40 yards, but chose not to. I also saw 8 other deer including 3 button bucks. We sat on a huge field with alfalfa planted in it. It wasn’t planted for a food plot but it sure seems to work like one. It felt good to see some deer. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything that indicates the bucks are even close to chasing does. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Here are a few pictures of the stand I sat in the last few mornings and a little look at the woods around it.


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