Tuesday 11/6/2012

It was about 40 degrees this morning and gray. You could tell rain was on the way and it was only a matter of when it decided to start falling from the sky. Bobby decided to load up the Bottom as he calls it. He knew a deer that he and Matt nicknamed the Big 8 made his home there. It was a pretty thick area along a main road. The reason it’s good hunting is because there are so many little ponds and natural funnels in the corridor that the deer can travel only in certain places. It’s ideal for stand hunting, especially during the rut.

Around 7 o’clock Bobby hit the Big 8. Although he was excited he hit him he was also disappointed that the buck didn’t walk by either me or Alyssa (his girlfriend). ¬†We waited until 9:15 to start tracking but the rain got the best of us once it started coming down and washed all of the blood away. From what I could tell the buck wasn’t hit too terribly bad. At first there was a lot of blood but it quickly got very faint and sporadic along the trail we were following. The rain ended up coming down in buckets by the time we got out of the woods. Since it never bedded I’m assuming it wasn’t hurt too terribly bad. From my experience a hard hit deer usually lays down fairly quickly if he isn’t pushed and we waited a couple of hours before pursuing him. It appeared to be a high shoulder hit. I’m pretty sure he will survive although I think Bobby doubts me.

I sat in a huge bottom tonight. It’s overgrown brush and CRP that you can see a country mile through. I saw a small 8-pointer come to the food plot I was sitting on. I also saw a 6-pointer and about 6 does out in the CRP.

Bobby saw the buck they refer to as the Big 10 tonight, but not shot was offered. Bob saw Freak Nasty over in the alfalfa field again. Tomorrow should be a good day because the weather is beginning to break.

Almost forgot a neat tidbit for the day. After the dust settled Bobby pulled a couple of cameras. He found out the Big 8 this morning was headed right to me about 6:40 am but the camera spooked him causing him to divert his travel route. You can see him jump after the first photo is taken and instead of coming across the pond dam and onto the runway that went 10 yards underneath me he bolted and went higher above me. I guess I just can’t win this trip. So close, yet so far away.

Here’s the video of the 8-pointer I saw in the evening as well as some pictures of where I sat in the morning and evening.




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