Saturday 11/10/12

I sat one last time in Illinois this morning. I sat in the stand where Bobby hit the Big 8 earlier in the week. I like it because it offers good cover since it’s in a small cedar tree overlooking a good travel path through some thick stuff that breaks out into the open out in front of the stand.

Dad rolled into town around 9 o’clock so I didn’t sit too long. Nobody saw a deer this morning. We got on the track from the deer Bob hit last night. It didn’t take long before we ran out of blood. It never appeared to me that the deer was hit too bad.

We got on the road around around noon and rolled into our camp in Kansas at 4:15pm. I ran out for a quick sit behind camp and saw a doe with two fawns, one of which was a button buck. Dad hunted the lowland ┬áby the creek and saw a few deer including a couple of bucks, but nothing big. He likes it down there so I’m not sure how much time he’ll spend in that area this year. It was 76 degrees when we rolled into camp.


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