Sunday 11/11/12

We didn’t get much sleep last night. It rained like crazy and the thunder and lightning was a little scary to say the least. The wind was upward of 50mph and the walls of the tent shook like someone whipping a towel. When morning came the temperature dropped like a rock into the upper 20s.

We got a late start since it was still raining so hard at daylight. I headed to the North Bowl which has been one of my favorite places to sit since my first year hunting in Kansas. I always see a lot of deer there and I just like the view from the stand.


I saw 13 deer including a really cool deer with forked G-2s. I wanted to shoot him but he was too young. I’m guessing he was just 2 1/2 with some serious potential to grow a huge rack in  a few years. I also saw a mature 8-pointer with a huge body. He was right on the ass of a doe when he went past me. He was a shooter, but his rack wasn’t quite what I was looking for, especially on the first day of the hunt. A 4-pointer quickly came into sight right on the trail of the same doe after the 8-pointer got past me.

Dad saw a lot of deer today. He found a good size 9-pointer that most likely died from EHD/Blue Tongue Disease. I’m pretty sure the disease killed a lot more deer than most people in the area think it did. It’s a horrible disease and wreaks havoc on the deer herd.

This afternoon I sat in the Tube Stand. At 3:10pm I saw a dandy 9-pointer, but let him walk. After he took a few steps I instantly thought it might be a mistake. He was much bigger than I thought he was when he was directly under me. I’m guessing he was at least in the mid 140s. It’s hard to tell until they’re on the ground but I do know I really wish I put an arrow in him to end my four year drought in Kansas.

A short time later I saw the same 10-pointer with forked G2s that I saw this morning. He’s a really nice buck. I got some good video of him that I’ll try to share on here if I figure it out. I currently have some of my videos on YouTube but haven’t figured out how to copy the link and paste it in here so you can view them. I can’t even copy the address bar so it’s not working quite yet. When I figure it out I’ll put the link up. The same 4-pointer showed up, too as well as three does.

When I came out and waited for dad on top of the field in the fence break I saw a shooter buck in the skyline out in the field. Dad said he saw more deer than he could count and one dandy shooter. I think we might be close. It’s 27 degrees as I write this. It should be a really good morning. I love hunting in Kansas. This is the best place I’ve ever hunted. I’ve never experienced anything that can remotely compare. I feel very fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to hunt out here. As with anything most good things eventually come to an end so I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts and hope that’s for many more years. Here’s a video of the G-2 buck.

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