2013 Season

This season got underway for me about a month ago. I took a day and headed into the central Adirondacks with my father. It was a day filled with a little anxiety since we haven’t done anything of the sort after my father had the massive heart attack on February 27, 2013. We’re very lucky that he survived and I’m extremely thankful. I love that man more than life itself.

I think we were both surprised at the end of the day. We covered about 7 miles and my dad did very well. If I didn’t know better I would have thought nothing ever happened to him. He never got out of breath and we hiked some pretty steep inclines. It made both of us more relaxed for the coming hunting season.

Our main objective was to set out cameras. We accomplished our goal and put six of them in different places across the area we hunt. We returned last weekend to check them and insert batteries before fall rolls around. I won’t return until early October to check them again. That’s when I’ll make a decision about what to do during muzzleloader season and early rifle.

We went back in over the weekend to check on the cameras. I was happy to see a couple of bears in the pictures and a couple of bucks. Since deer aren’t moving much yet it makes me think I stand a good chance of getting some pictures of big bucks as November approaches. Only time will tell.

For anyone interested I’ve created a Facebook page titled “Backcountry Bucks.” You can follow me through the season on that page if you hit the “Like” button. I figured that would be an easy way to gain more followers.  I’ll try to keep this journal and transfer the information over to that page during the season.

Here are a few pictures from my trail cameras to start the season:











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