Wednesday September 25, 2013

How did hunting season get here so fast? I’m the most unorganized I’ve ever been, but maybe that will be a good thing. Early archery season opens on Friday and I just sighted my bow in tonight. To my amazement it was driving tacks with broadheads. I feel far more confident going into this season than I did last season. I’m back to pulling about the same poundage I always did in the past and most of the pain in my shoulder is gone. It’s amazing how far I’ve come after the reconstructive surgery last year.

I’ve been in the woods quite a bit lately, but I haven’t checked any cameras until tonight and I only checked one. I got a couple nice bucks for young ones. Both of these deer have tremendous potential if they could somehow survive a couple of years. I shot a few of my guns this week and they all hit right in the bullseye. I couldn’t ask for more than that. To my amazement my shoulder took the recoil fairly well as compared to last year when it was all but impossible to shoot a gun.

The quest will start next week. Hopefully I can put myself in a position to see some deer and make the most of the limited amount of time I will have to hunt. I’ve never felt the itch quite like this year. Something is driving me even more than normal, which is saying something if you know me because I’ve never had a lack of ambition when it comes to deer hunting.

Here are a few pictures from the trail camera I checked tonight. I’ve also attached a photo of a buck my buddy Bobby killed this week with a muzzleloader in Kansas. I’ve never met anyone who is more obsessed with picking out a specific deer and hunting it until he kills it. There aren’t many people who can compare to this guy. If he finds a deer he wants to kill he will kill it if he has enough time to figure it out.





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