Thursday September 26, 2013

It was an extremely busy day for me. I had a bunch of medical stuff to take care, but I still managed to get in the woods after dropping my backpack off with a seamstress to get the zipper fixed. For the amount of money I paid for it I wouldn’t think I’d need to get two zippers repaired in two years. I really like the backpack, but Badlands needs to work on their customer service.

Once I got in the woods I headed to an area where I’ve killed a lot of deer over the years. I went there to get a tree stand that I left leaning on a tree. I was surprised there weren’t any acorns on the hill once I got there. I guess that helps me narrow down my choices for next week.

I checked a few of my cameras while I was out. From a quick scan in the woods it didn’t appear that I got any bucks on camera. I did get a few more coyotes and a lot of does. I’m headed north this weekend to check on my cameras up there and to move a tree stand. I’ll probably carry my single shot 30.06 in case I run into a bear or two. If I get lazy I’ll just carry a sidearm. I think I’d like to carry the single shot so that’s probably what I’ll do. I might try to get out for a few hours to hunt if it’s not too hot out.

I’ll leave you with a picture to remind you how nice the leaves will look in a matter of days.

Walking into the tent when it's like this is like walking into heaven.

Walking into the tent when it’s like this is like walking into heaven.

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