Tuesday October 19

It was 51 degrees with an ENE wind tonight where I was sitting. From the time I left the woods last night until I got out of work today I knew exactly where I would sit in the afternoon. The last few years I haven’t been decisive which has led to a few wasted trips to the woods.  So far this year I have planned ahead and vowed to stay on the path.

I was headed for an old hemlock tree that I’ve sat under a number of times through the years. I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling that something might wander by shortly before dark.

When I started up the mountain there was abundant sunshine and blue sky. There was a chill in the air that can only be associated with fall. The wind was calm most of the day which would make the evening’s sit more enjoyable for me.

Shortly after I settled in under the hemlock tree a black cloud rolled in and rain began to fall. The storm was brief and blew out as quickly as it came in.

Around 6pm a gunshot rang through the air. It wasn’t too terribly far from me. It was on the face of the mountain someplace and I assumed it was somewhere near the corn pile that I had found a few weeks ago.

I sat a few more minutes and headed out as darkness consumed the sky. On my way up the road in my truck I passed my buddy Doug. He thought the gunshot was me, but it wasn’t. I guess we’ll have to wait for another day so one of us can help the other. I have a feeling we might get into one in the next few weeks.

With the moon being close to full I don’t think there has been much activity in the afternoon hours. I’m guessing that most of the movement is late to mid-morning and throughout the night.

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