Friday November 1, 2013

I scheduled this day off quite a while ago so I could hunt up north a little before leaving for the Midwest.  Unfortunately the morning greeted us with torrential rain. The wind blew an average of 25mph with some gusts as high as 40mph. Trees crashed down around me for most of the day. At some points it was a little scary. I didn’t wander too far today, so I made the most of my time and checked four of my cameras that I could get to without too much work.  The first two cameras were close to where I sat. They both had a lot of pictures on them and the majority of the pictures were taken in the daylight. Unfortunately there weren’t any bucks on them, but there were quite a few does.  I’m sure the bucks will show up in the next few weeks with that many does hanging around the area.

I met up with my dad around 1pm and we decided to go into the lowland and check a camera I moved last week. Instead of leaving it on a signpost all year I made a mock scrape and set it up on that. There were two pictures on it and one was a nice 10-pointer. The picture quality is horrible, but the video came out great.  I’d love to see this buck sneaking through the woods in front of me at some point over the next few days. I accidentally deleted one of the pictures and it deleted the video attached to it. I was a little disappointed because I would have liked to see the video. Since the picture was a blur I didn’t even think about it before deleting it.

After getting done with the camera we split up and decided to meet at 5:30 to head back to the truck. I still-hunted along a thick ridge before making my way to the final camera I wanted to check. When I got there I didn’t expect much. I quickly saw a really small 6-pointer on the camera from last night before the torrential rain started. He looks like a healthy young deer. A few seconds later and I was staring at a picture of a dandy 8-pointer in the scrape. I wish I had video of it, but the pictures will have to do. He’s definitely a shooter, so my hopes are up again. These cameras are amazing because it shows you what lives in the area you’re hunting. When you’re feeling down it doesn’t take long to bring your hopes back up when you think about the images.

Tomorrow should be a good day. The front is blowing through tonight. It’s supposed to be a lot calmer and much colder in the morning. Something tells me we might get look at buck in the morning. We shall see.


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