Saturday November 2, 2013

We got going early today. The stars were abundant in the sky. Everything told me this morning was going to be a good morning based on the wind being non-existent and the clear sky. After I got going I did the same thing I did last week and got off track while following the trail. Before I knew it I got totally turned around and lost a half hour of my time. Once I found the trail again I put it in overdrive and made it to my stand before daylight.  I sat until 11:30, but nothing came by. I was actually quite surprised that neither one of us saw anything while we were sitting. I checked my last three cameras today and got four bucks on them. I still don’t have one in the daylight. I’m guessing daylight pictures will start showing up next week. Unfortunately I’ll be on the road and won’t return until the next to last weekend.  It appears that the batteries in all of the cameras should be okay until the end.  Although I got two really nice bucks, I’d love to get one that could be qualified as an absolute smasher.  On the way out we pushed a small swamp. We saw some deer in it last week.  Deer started piling off the hill, but only one of them came past me. It was a button horn. After further examination we saw where a lot of deer went off the front of the ridge. Dad said one of them was a nice buck. It had a big track and the hocks smelled.

There’s supposed to be some snow rolling in tonight and continue through tomorrow. They’re not calling for a lot of it to stick, but you never know in the Adirondacks. I feel like we’re really close. Unfortunately we just don’t have a lot of time and it’s not prime time when the bucks are moving like they will be a few weeks from now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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