Thursday December 5, 2013

Brian and I headed north pretty late last night. We rolled into camp around 11:30pm. I knew I was going to be exhausted this morning, but I also know there are only a few days of rifle season left and I want to make the most of my time. Since it was just the two of us Brian decided to go in with me and hunt out of my dad’s stand because of all the sign around it last weekend. We got going early and I was in my stand before daylight. It didn’t take long for deer to start wandering by. I still can’t figure out how I’ve seen so many deer without seeing one of the big bucks I’m looking for. I saw five does this morning, but it slowed right down after 11 o’clock and the woods went dead, so I decided to get down and collect a few of my cameras.

As I wandered around I looked for a place to sit for the rest of the afternoon. I found a place that looked good, but I just couldn’t find an area I could nestle into that gave me very much confidence. No matter where I looked I could find something just not quite right about it. Instead of going back to my stand I walked and sat, walked and sat. My head bobbed up and down a few times as I rested my weary ass on a log. To keep myself from falling asleep I got up and began wandering again. A short time later I cut the tracks of two hunters. One was wearing a bobbed sole boot and the other had a diamond shaped sole on his boot. I backtracked them and found my way across two beaver dams in the process. Before I knew it I was heading out of the woods. The day flew by.

When I met Brian at the truck he was pretty excited. He had found a lot of deer sign as well as some really impressive buck sign. There was no doubt in his mind where he was going to spend the remaining few days. His only deterrent was the fact that he still had to retrieve two cameras from the other area he had been hunting. He saw three deer out of my dad’s stand this morning, but no bucks. The weather is calling for freezing rain. That might change our plans.

Here’s a rub Brian found today.



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