Friday December 6, 2013

When I woke up in the middle of the night the rain was coming down in buckets. When I glanced at the road I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get to where I wanted to go in the morning. The road was going to be coated with ice. I quickly fell back asleep and drifted into dreamland. When the alarm sounded at 4:45 I was disappointed to see the rain hadn’t let up at all. It was coming down even harder. After conversing for a few minutes Brian decided to don his rain ¬†gear and get his cameras. He knew he had to get them ¬†and he figured he wouldn’t be wasting any valuable hunting time if he went and got them in the pouring rain. Since the days are so limited in the hunting season I put my rain gear on and headed across the road and up the mountain.

After climbing 3/4 of the way to the top of the mountain I could hear a plow truck going down the road in front of camp. As soon as I heard it I turned around and headed back to camp. I decided to follow the truck down the road. Upon pulling into the place I park I felt a feeling of disappointment run through my body. I hate going into the woods when it’s light. I like to be where I want to go before daylight. Since it was fairly quiet I wanted to take my time and poke through the woods in hopes of catching one napping.

As soon as I got out of sight of my truck I cut two tracks. It appeared to be a doe and a fawn. I could tell the deer had JUST walked through the area. A few steps later I saw another track that cut their tracks and followed behind them. I knew it was a buck. Before I could even pick my head up from looking at the tracks I heard something and saw a nice buck go crashing over the hill in front of me. He wasn’t a big one, but he was still nice. If I had been paying a little more attention I probably could have gotten a shot at him.

I climbed into my stand around 8:30 and sat there until dark. I saw 14 deer. One was a small spike horn that I had no interest in shooting. I still can’t figure out where the big boys are hiding. Maybe they have me figured out. Brian headed back toward the big rub as soon as he got back from getting his cameras. Unfortunately he forgot to turn one of them on, so there weren’t any pictures on that one. The other picture had quite a few daylight pictures, but they were all does. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. The whole crew will be in camp tonight for the annual last weekend of the year hunt. It’s always a good time.

Here’s a runway next to my stand. It has been this way since summer.


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