Saturday December 7, 2013

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Everyone rolled in and we have eight guys in a really confined area. My uncle Lee cooked breakfast this morning. He always does a great job with stuff like that. It’s too bad his body has fallen apart over the last few years. His shoulder seem to be doing a little better than it had been the last time he hunted with us. Dad and I got going early. At first light I had a lone doe come sneaking down the runway in front of me. She was acting uneasy and nervous as she kept looking behind her and on the ridge out in front of me. I’ve hunted long enough to know something was going to happen. A half hour later I heard the ice crunching as I saw a set of antlers moving through the brush. I instantly identified it as being the 5-pointer that I have a bunch of trail camera pictures of. That’s why I like trail cameras. It makes it pretty easy to identify deer when they come through the woods if you already have pictures of him. Being the last weekend of the season I was tempted to pull the trigger, but I just watched him instead. The doe bounded up the hill and he quickly followed. When he hit the top of the rise in front of me he stopped and stood still. I could see all the hair on his back go up and he turned around and high-stepped out of there. He ended up going past me two more times throughout the morning. The last time I was able to get some video of him. If he survives the winter he should be a nice deer next year. I ended up seeing eight deer for the day. Dad saw a handful of deer. When the 5-pointer stopped on top of the hill I’m sure a big buck was on the other side of the hill, but I never saw him. I just can’t seem to win this year.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. No matter what it has been a great year and I’ve learned a lot about different things. Here’s a photo of the buck I passed this morning.


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