Sunday December 8, 2013

Well, today was the last day of the 2013 rifle season. I was in my stand about a half hour before daylight. Just as it was getting light enough to see I could hear a deer down below me. It sounded big when it walked and I’m pretty confident that it might have been one of those big bucks I have on camera. I strained my eyes and ears while trying to locate him. The noise was so loud it sounded like he was right underneath me. The harder I gazed into the brush the more disappointed I became as I listened to the sound fade into the background. An hour later a doe and a fawn went across the flat in front of me and a short time later three does came across the ridge behind me. Unfortunately no bucks followed.

Dad said he was going to still-hunt to my stand so we could have lunch around noon. At 11:30 I got rocked out of my world when a gunshot roared on the hill above me. Something inside told me he had missed, so I quickly readied my gun and started scanning the forest for a running deer. I didn’t see a thing and the seconds turned into minutes and before long I knew nothing was coming by my stand. Within a half hour dad showed up underneath me. He had spotted a big buck on the ridge above my stand and tried to get it turned toward me, but the buck crossed a few knobs just out of sight from where I was sitting. I guess that tops off the year. We stayed in until dark, but we didn’t see another deer. The sun went down quickly on an incredible season. I’ve never been so excited about the next year as soon as the current season ends. All I can say is, “WOW!”

I’m guessing this might be the buck my dad saw.


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