Friday October 10, 2015

While I would have liked to get out sooner than this I’ve been overwhelmed at work and I haven’t had the time to go hunting. My health has not been well over the last few months and the doctors are still trying to determine what the problem is. I haven’t felt well since late July. I’m hoping for a little relief, but at the same time I’m just glad to be alive and I could never ask for more than that. I have a lot of things planned for this season and those things are starting to happen quickly now.

I wandered around the woods tonight to do a quick scouting session in hopes of finding someplace to sit in the morning. I covered a fair amount of ground and finally decided on a flat where the oak trees were dropping nuts. I saw where the deer had turned the leaves over in search of food so I’m going to give it a whirl in the morning.  I didn’t see a deer tonight.

Last week when I set cameras up I told my dad I found an area where there was a lot of sign. The deer had been feeding there on a regular basis so I sent him in that direction. He spotted a nice racked buck on his way out and he’s going to sit there in the morning. I didn’t see a deer, but I did get the photo of this buck on one of my cameras. This is a good buck for the Adirondacks.



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