Saturday November 29, 2014

The season is winding down quickly now and I’m limited with the amount of time I’ll be able to spend in the woods. The last time I was in the Adirondacks before vacation I moved cameras all over the place and now I have the chore of rounding them up in a variety of places across the region.

Today I chose to go to a place I put a camera about a month ago. I got a late start, which irritated me a little bit so I decided to sneak and peak with the snow on in hopes of catching something moving from one ridge to the next.

When I finally found my way to the camera I was excited to see what might be on it since it was in a new location about five miles from where I normally hunt. When I popped the lid and started flicking through pictures I was disappointed to see that I had never set the time and date. Since it just took my picture I could easily figure out the difference, but in the future it might be a little confusing when I’m organizing the pictures.

The morning passed slowly. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the big woods. Occasionally a blue jay would caw in the distance or a raven might cackle as it flew overhead, but besides that nothing much happened. I was lucky enough to spot a doe and a fawn around 10:30.

With all of the new snow on I expected to see more sign. Tomorrow will be another day to explore some more new territory. That’s what I use this time of year to do. I can cover a lot of ground and still be hunting while I’m doing it. I’ve found some fantastic spots doing this.

Here are a few photos from the trail camera I picked up today. I will be going back here in the future or sending one of my buddies to sit in the general area.

My buddy Josh killed a nice buck this morning around 8:30am. The buck came down a runway about an hour after a few does came down it. Josh was hunting a few miles from where I was hunting, so I missed the chance to help him drag it out. He and my buddy Brian are young strapping guys, so they took care of it without a hitch.

DSC00008  DSC00018


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