Sunday November 30, 2014

It was a chilly morning. A little snow lightly fell as I walked into one of the places I hadn’t visited since early October. I’m sure we all have that one place that is dynamite, but we can never find a way to get there without disturbing everything within hearing distance. Over the years I’ve killed some big bucks along the edge of swamps and a few years back I found a swamp that couldn’t be rivaled. Since the walk to get there is beyond ridiculous I usually still-hunt my way in and around the area during the middle of the day. This morning I had a different idea. I decided I would try to get there before daylight to sit. Since I always put cameras there and the results are good I wanted to give it an honest effort. In addition to that I needed to pick up the camera I had left there a few months ago.

I didn’t make it to the place before daylight, but that enabled me to still-hunt through some great areas. The snow was different than yesterday. It was loud and crunchy, so I planned on walking like a deer for the better part of the day.

I ended up sitting until around 1pm at which time I knew I had better start my trek out of the woods. I had a couple of mountains to go over as well as a few nasty swamps to navigate around.

When I got up I went to check my old reliable camera that always gives me some sort of empty hope. I guess I just enjoy seeing pictures on it because I know the likelihood of these deer ever getting killed is very slim.  Here are a couple of photos I retrieved from this particular camera.

P231-351-256-373-33h-004-02-0360-1080-0450-1065   P000-256-256-256-34h-003-02-0360-1080-0450-1065

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