Tuesday December 2, 2014

I had today off and decided to drive up to our camp and hunt out of there for the day. I was interested to see what the woods looked like since the last time I ventured into the area. It was a beautiful morning, but very cold. The leaves were loud and crunchy. I enjoyed the morning, especially when the sun came up and warmed me up.

I sat until noon so I could get down home and run into the woods to check a couple of my cameras in the area I hunt. I needed to get them out of the woods and I accomplished that before sunset. Overall it was just a good day to be in the woods even though I didn’t have much action.

Before the weekend started I felt pretty good about my odds, but with the last weekend fast approaching I’m not sure if I’ll get it done in the big woods this year. I’m off on Friday and I’ll give it my best shot for the last three days of the northern zone NY rifle season.


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