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Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The weather finally took a turn, and it finally feels like hunting season. I’m not sure how long it will last, though.

I ran into my old stomping grounds today on the east shore of Lake George in the Lake George Wilderness area. My buddy Dan’s group killed two nice bucks yesterday in the general area, so I knew the bucks were on the move.

Right off the bat, I found some good buck sign. I spotted a fair number of rubs and scrapes, which surprised me for this area. Usually there aren’t many rubs or scrapes there, even though the deer frequent the area. It really grabbed my attention and now has me considering spending more time there rather than going further north.

The only camera I had in the woods gave me good results. I got three different bucks on video, and one of them is a good one that I would consider shooting if an opportunity presents itself.

I’m not sure when I will be back on here. I’m headed to the Midwest this coming weekend and won’t return for a few weeks. The weather doesn’t look good at all. It’s calling for temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s, and that’s the bad part about having a normal job where I have to schedule my vacation time in advance. I’ll make the most of  a bad situation, but I don’t feel too good about it.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

We listened to the wind howl all night. The snow had settled quite a bit from last night when we went to bed, and it appeared that the tracking conditions would be in our favor. We didn’t get going until a little later, which would allow us to catch a track and follow it on our way into the woods.

We all headed in different directions, so we could cover more ground. We did the old drop off and scatter method, so we were in all parts of the woods. Whoever got back to the trucks first could pick up the others somewhere along the road depending on who came out where. I was excited to start the day.

The excitement was short lived when I found myself looking for cover more often than I was looking for tracks to follow. The trees crashed down all around me, and some of the were within striking distance. After the third tree fell next to me, I realized it wasn’t safe on the ridge I was traveling across.

I headed for the lower areas to see if I could avoid the wind bursts. I finally found cover under a big pine and tried to wait it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck with my plan.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to suck it up and poke along in hopes of seeing a few deer. Along the way, I cut some bear tracks and followed them for a while. I jumped a few deer, but they appeared to be skippers.

When I ran out of time, I realized that I had a really good day. It was a great day to be alive and follow my passion. Some days you catch up to them and some days you don’t. Today was one of those days that I gave it my best shot and came up empty handed.

Josh saw a few deer today. He thought one was a buck, but couldn’t tell for sure. Dad saw a small buck and let it walk. It’s too early to be taking a small buck, especially when he’s headed across the country next week. He wants to shoot a deer with his old .32/20, so I can’t predict what he will do when the timing is right, and he’s carrying that gun. Luckily, he didn’t have that gun today.

Brian moved some deer around but didn’t actually see any of them. We’re looking forward to getting into the Midwest. You never know what awaits you. We will have to dream of our adventures that are yet to come.

Here are few pictures from my day. Take notice of the bed under the small hemlock. The deer backed into the tree so it had protection on the back side. I found that interesting.

dsc00829 dsc00825 dsc00827 dsc00833


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Today was the first day of the Northern Zone rifle season in New York. We headed to the family camp last night and rolled in around midnight. Unfortunately, we got about three hours of sleep before it was time to get up.

Listening to the rain pound off the tin roof, I was all but excited to get moving. Since we have killed some really good deer in the Adirondacks on the first day of the season, even in bad weather, I decided to get going.

Heading into the woods, I knew it was going to be miserable. The rain was coming down in buckets, and I didn’t suspect that it was about to stop in the near future.

Drenched to the bone, I decided to head out of the woods around noon. I saw a few tracks here and there, but I didn’t see anything that excited me. There are still too many leaves on the trees. The wind that they’re calling for tomorrow should take care of a lot of them.

Dad, Brian and Josh didn’t see anything either. Although nothing much happened, I went back and stepped inside a lot of the fantastic memories I have from opening days. I killed my heaviest Adirondack deer on opening day, so going back in time was a pleasant experience for me today.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. The forecast calls for some snow tonight.

Here’s a picture of camp from a few years ago on a similar day, and here’s the big buck I killed on opening day a few years back.

IMG_0896Opening Day 001

Saturday, October 16, 2016

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Today was a little warmer than yesterday. There’s nothing like sweating up a storm when you’re just trying to walk a short distance. I’m not a fan of these warm temperatures. I’m hoping it breaks in the near future, but it doesn’t appear that it’s going to. I’m glad I don’t live in the South. I’m not sure I would enjoy hunting as much if I had to deal with high heat all of the time.

It was 37 degrees on the way into the woods today, but it was around 60 degrees when I came out in the middle of the day. I had a good time today. I enjoyed every minute of being in amongst nature. Although I still haven’t seen a deer this year, I’m enjoying my time afield. I could never ask for more than that. I’m looking forward to my time in the Midwest. I hope we get some good weather. I’d like to experience a morning in the stand with frost-covered leaves littering the forest floor.

I’ll be headed north again next weekend for our opening day of rifle season. It’s supposed to be in the 80s this week, so I’m going to take the time to get caught up on a few things I’ve let slide since I returned home from Colorado.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Today was the opening day of muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone of New York. Last night was brutal. Brian was undecided about going up north, so we didn’t leave home until 10:30 p.m. By the time we got settled, it was close to 1:15 a.m, and dad rolled in around midnight. It’s never good to tackle a challenge when you’re unprepared. I should know better.

Saturday morning met us with a cold snap. It was 29 degrees when I headed into the woods at 5:15. Since there are so many leaves on the trees, I didn’t push myself on the walk in. A few hours later, I planted myself under a tree and enjoyed the sun coming up.

It was way too thick to see much, so I decided to put on some miles. I didn’t see a deer or much sign. Hopefully, the leaves come down this week. I’m undecided about what I want to do for vacation. I’ve considered going to Missouri, but something is eating at me to go back to the Adirondacks like the old days. I’ll have to decide this week. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It’s supposed to warm up. I’m going to look at some other areas.


Sunday, October 10, 2016

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

A cold front finally blew in last night. It was a welcome change from the 70 degree temperatures we’ve bee experiencing.

I ventured to the Rock today, which I referenced a number of times in my books. Every year I go there at least once. It brings me back to a simpler time, a time when I was ignorant to the ways of the world. It was a time before I knew who I was or what roads I would travel throughout my life.

With all of the leaves on, I figured I wouldn’t see anything, but it felt awesome to rest my back against the rock and take it all in. Words can’t explain my morning. You would have to crawl inside my head to understand it and even then it might be difficult.

When the day ended, I closed the door on another day in the woods without seeing a deer. I found some good sign and saw where the deer have begun to move through the woods. It’s only a matter of days/weeks before the big ones get on their feet, and I will be ready. I’m not sure if I will catch up to one, but I will give it everything I have. I’m wondering when I will see my first deer of this hunting season. I’m not sure it will be this week, but the cooler temperatures should lend a helping a hand.

As I was coming out I found a coyote track in the mud. It was from this morning. It looks like the predators are on the move…………………….me, my buddies………and the coyote.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I decided to go behind my parents’ house today. Since I’ve never killed a deer there, I wanted to go give it a whirl. Every year I go there one time and usually find myself discouraged when things out of my control begin unraveling around me.

I wasn’t let down. I didn’t see anything and shortly after daylight someone from the sawmill came rolling by with the forklift. It appeared that the person was wasting time, so he didn’t have to go back to the mill.

I took all I could before climbing down and heading back to the house. I learned my lesson and most likely won’t return there again this year. I had thoughts of grandeur in my head when I walked to the stand in the darkness.

I was hoping that I would see the buck that I caught on trail camera a few weeks ago. That would have made my day. I’ll be heading out again tomorrow.

Here’s the buck I was hoping to see




Friday, October 7, 2016

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I didn’t get my wish today. The temperature went up a few more degrees, but I still headed into the woods. Knowing I have limited time to hunt this year, I feel like I have to be in the woods as much as possible.

I hunted at Brian’s place today. It felt good to wander through the woods in a place where I know there is a big buck lurking. The mosquitos got the best of me. As the sun was setting and the woods became dark, the deafening sound of heat bugs could be heard ringing throughout the woods. The tree frogs chirped wildly as I packed up and headed down the mountain toward Brian’s house.

Neither one of us saw anything tonight. It’s just too damn hot out. Since tomorrow is the weekend, I’ll go out and see what happens.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

Although it was 72 degrees today, I decided to go exploring in a new area a little bit north of where I live. It’s state land, but I’ve never hunted it. My buddy Brian checked it out and told me there was some good sign, so we went back to cover a lot of ground and give it a hard look. As with anyplace, I wanted to see if it would be worth my time in the future, especially since it’s fairly close to home.

I chose to walk, so I could see as much of the territory as possible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to walk too far. The woods were really strange. I can’t really explain it. I guess you would have to see the layout to understand what I’m talking about. It was almost impossible to find a place to sit because everyplace looked the same as the last, and they all looked good.

An hour or so into my search, I found a scrape about the size of a small kitchen table. It surprised me at first but after looking around, I found a number of rubs in the surrounding area. I’m pretty sure I could kill a buck there if I return on a regular basis. I’m unsure how much pressure the area receives. It appeared that people are riding 4-wheelers on the state land, which is against the law, so that might be a problem.

When we met at the truck at dark, Brian didn’t seem all that impressed. I will definitely be going back. I felt like I needed to to some more walking. It gave me a feeling that I could be successful if I spent any amount of time in there. Hopefully, this hot weather takes a turn sometime soon.

Here’s a picture I took while hunting tonight. I love the big woods.




Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

I rolled out of bed and decided to put on my rain gear to trudge into the woods for the first morning of archery season in New York. The rain was refreshing as it dripped off the brim of my hat and ran down my cheeks. The woods were eerily quiet, and the darkness beckoned me to continue toward the Rock.

When I arrived at the Rock, I was in my happy place. Although the rain steadily pelted the leaves on the trees above me, my mind was quiet. My adventures always seem to bring me back to the Rock. I’ve gone there to be alone. I’ve celebrated some great moments with family members and friends while resting my back on it. I’ve created lifelong memories in the area surrounding it, and today was no different……………………it felt good to be home.

I didn’t see any deer today, but I enjoyed every minute of my time in the woods. I won’t have time in the coming week to get back in the woods, but I will be back next weekend. Hopefully, the weather will turn and begin to feel a little more like fall. I’m beginning to get excited for the events that will transpire over the next two months.