Thursday, November 9, 2017

The cold continued today, and the wind didn’t help matters. It was 21 degrees when we came out of the woods tonight, and the wind chill made it about 5 degrees. It’s supposed to be colder in the morning. The forecast is calling for teens in the morning with a 9mph wind. It should be interesting.

The big bucks just don’t seem to me cruising very much. We continue to see small bucks cruising and occasionally chasing. Unfortunately, the time is fading. For some reason, I’m just not feeling it this year. It won’t matter if I don’t shoot a deer because I’ve shot plenty of them in my lifetime, including the one from last week when I was getting ready for this trip.

The day started off good when I saw a doe at first light. I’m pretty sure it was the same doe I saw yesterday. I sat in the pine tree place again. Shortly after the doe went past me, a really nice 8-pointer came in and hung out for a bit. The bucks continued cruising until about 10 a.m. I ended up seeing seven bucks and a doe for the morning. I could have shot all of them.

This evening, I went to the place where I shot the buck a few years ago. When I tried to check the camera, I couldn’t find it. I’m not exactly sure where Brian placed it, so I guess I’ll have to wait until he pulls the card to see what’s on it.

Jeff saw 17 does tonight and three bucks down in the area where Dad hunted a few years ago. This morning, he hunted where Doug shot the deer, and he saw two bucks and six does, one of the bucks was a good 10-pointer.

Although the action has been relatively slow, we are still having a good time and seeing deer. I’m hoping that someone gets a crack at one in the next few days. We’ve been working really hard at it, and I think someone deserves a nice buck.


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