Friday, November 10, 2017

Today was brutally cold. When we headed into the woods, it was 19 degrees, and the wind was blowing about 20 mph. It was a slow day. I saw a few does getting chased by a small buck, and Brian saw a few small bucks. We sat until around noon, then went exploring. During our explorations, we came across a nice 8-pointer which wouldn’t budge, as he stayed watch above his doe. I took a few pictures of him, and I easily could have shot him if I wanted to.



Today we hunted a different area, which we looked at a few years ago. Someone cut a hole in the fence, and the deer use it to get onto the public ground. I saw a button horn and a doe, and Brian saw a nice buck chasing a doe.

Dad saw a big buck this morning. He said if he hadn’t already filled his buck tag, he would have shot it. He seems to be enjoying himself, even though he doesn’t feel well.

Doug and Jeff are headed home in the morning. They both had a good trip, but the time flew by. We will see what tomorrow brings. Things are starting to look rather dismal. I’m going into the woods with waning confidence every sit.


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