Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today was a very long day, and I think I’m coming down with the cold that everyone else has right now. When we went out today, it was 30 degrees. I thought the deer would be on the move, but I guess I was wrong. I sat the entire day in my culvert stand. I saw a big deer go under me before daylight. I’m not sure if it was a buck.

After it got light, I saw a spikehorn going north. He never stopped near my stand. After he disappeared, the woods remained quiet until 1:30. I was hoping that a buck would visit the scrape in front of me like I had seen other deer doing to other scrapes on the cameras the last few days. Unfortunately, all that came through was a small 4-pointer that I saw the other day, too. I was highly disappointed with the deer movement today. I’m hoping that tomorrow gets better.

Jeff didn’t see anything today, and Brian and Shawn saw four bucks. One was a dandy, and it was bedded down on the side of a hardwood ridge. Hopefully, they get a better look at it in the coming days.

Headed to bed and hoping for better luck tomorrow. I’m hunting the creek crossing and pine tree tomorrow. We got some really good pictures there yesterday, and the wind is changing tonight and will be coming out of the south. I’m hoping the change will get them moving because it has been really slow for a few days.

Here are the couple of pictures we got on trail camera.



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