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Follow Your Passion

Monday, March 10th, 2014

How do people find success? Is it something we find or is it something that comes to us after a lot of hard work? I guess the answers to these questions all depend on the situation. I’ve seen a few people attain levels of success by simply being in the right place at the right time and knowing someone who put them in a position of significance. This type of thing can test the nerves of even the strongest person. When a person puts everything they have into a job or a project and the person next to them is rewarded for a lesser job just because he’s in the clique there is something wrong with the system. I’m sure anyone reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not always about how much you know or how much you put into it. More times than not success in the workplace is directly related to who likes you and who does not. If you challenge authority you are looked at as a problem. People take advice personally and decide something has to be done to punish the employee who has spoken up or given insight into problems that could be avoided or corrected. I’ve never figured that out, but it’s an everyday part of corporate America.

That’s why I find so much enjoyment in most of my hobbies. When I’m doing an assignment for my editors I always listen to what they want and I try my best to give them the best article I can write. Once the assignment is given everything else is up to me. My success is directly related to how I approach the topic. If I think a narrative will strike the tone for the readers that is what I give them. If I believe interviews are necessary to drive home the points I go out of my way to speak to the right people, so I can prove or disprove any theories on a topic that is controversial. In the end it makes it all worth it when my editors send congratulatory notes and thank you notes expressing their gratitude for the pieces that have been submitted. I’ve had this happen over and over again. There’s no better motivation than interaction with a boss who appreciates the work that is being done. I also take constructive criticism well, too. If an editor tells me something needs to be changed I listen closely because I want my article to be a success and I know the editor wants more people to read the pieces in the publication. Constructive criticism is always a win/win if it is presented in the proper way, however, if it isn’t then a lot of animosity can brew and become a hot stew. Many people aren’t capable of listening without instantly reacting. I’ve always tried learning from these individuals, so I know the proper ways to behave and react in any situation I may encounter in my travels and with my work.

I find an unbelievable amount of joy in the success I’ve had in archery and that is because nobody is responsible for it except me. I practiced for hours on end for many years and I was able to achieve a lot of things I never imagined. Although I never got to the top of the mountain I gave it a good run before my shoulders failed me. Now that I’ve had reconstructive shoulder surgery I appreciate the things I did with a bow and arrow even more since I can’t practice hardly at all anymore. I would love to shoot for hours on end again, but it simply isn’t possible.

I’ve been helping people shoot for the last month or two and it feels good. Their success is also my success. I want them to succeed and learn as much as they can as they improve. Yesterday I helped a small child. This kid loves shooting a bow. Just by looking at him I can tell that he is something special. He definitely has the ability to be a great shooter because he’s so passionate about it at such a young age.  I would love to show him the way.

Never forget that success comes in many different forms. If you haven’t succeeded in one thing it certainly doesn’t mean that you haven’t succeeded in others. I can look at the path of my life and very easily see why I’ve found success in different arenas. It all follows a very common theme……………………..My success comes from my passion. Anything I’ve succeeded at, especially at high levels, I’ve been very passionate about. My advice to everyone out there is to follow your passion. It will bring you happiness and a greater sense of yourself and who you are.