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New Attitude

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Every year my mother gets me an inspirational book for Christmas. While all of the books don’t revolve around the same topics they do have similar themes. The book I got this past year was a little different than most of the others. This book has a blank red cover and inside you can find a fortune for every day of the year.

Today’s fortune reads, “New underwear —-New attitude!”

In four words it sums up what we’re faced with every morning when we roll out of bed. While many people like to complain many others decide to address the new day with a new attitude. The best way to approach it is when you get your clothes ready for the day. When you slip on your underwear after hopping out of the shower it’s a perfect time to take action. If you’ve been miserable, angry, sad, tired or a combination of other emotions everything can be changed, but it’s up to you.

As you look at your clean underwear keep in mind it’s a clean day your slipping into as well. If you have goals to reach make it a priority to take the necessary steps in order to reach them. A negative attitude will not help you achieve what you’re setting out to accomplish. Starting the day like that would be like wearing your dirty underwear from the day before. Although you can do that it’s usually a better idea to start off with a fresh pair each and every day.

It’s easy to get in a rut and stay there. We need to accept change in our lives and welcome it. If you avoid change there’s not much opportunity to go in a different direction. It will be like you’re following a road to nowhere. Traveling on the road isn’t such a bad thing. ┬áIt gets boring at times, but it’s all a matter of comfort. Safety is found between the white lines on both sides of the road. It’s those dirt roads that throw a wrench into the system. There are no lines to keep us centered. Sometimes the dirt roads don’t even have road signs to tell us what they’re named. Instead, it’s like a magical mystery tour when we start down them. There’s always a possibility we could get lost, but there’s also a possibility that we might come across a few things that lead us in a direction we never imagined. It’s all about exploring.

Exploration requires risk. The risk is no greater than changing your underwear every day. You don’t have to change them, but it will probably be beneficial to you for a variety of reasons if you do change them. If you’re on a path of uncertainty don’t be afraid to put the blinker on and turn onto an unfamiliar road. Take that turn, go to the store, buy yourself a new pack of underwear and see what’s out there. Your new attitude will go quite nicely with your new underwear. Every morning presents you with a new opportunity.